King Divine Fried Chicken And Potatoes Rocket Salad With Bake Beans Ingredients & Recipe
King Divine Fried Chicken And Potatoes Rocket Salad With Bake Beans cooking was inspired by King Divine Yahuah and directed to share with everyone. I will always encourage you to pray to King Divine Yahuah whenever you start cooking.
One of the ingredient for coating the chicken Tex’s Original Fried Chicken Coating was introduced to me by my Step Mother for frying her chicken, I thank her for introducing me to this product and teaching me. All other ingredients and guidance for King Divine Fried Chicken And Potatoes Rocket Salad With Bake Beans comes from King Divine Yahuah.
Tex’s Original Fried Chicken Coating taste really good when you use it for coating chicken like the KFC type. As part of my contribution towards a Church fundraising event I missed here in the United Kingdom (UK) when I was invited by a friend to join them at her Church I made some of these chicken to contribute in my absence for missing my Spirit was there and they loved it, they thought it was KFC she told me. I bought Tex’s Original Fried Chicken Coating to share with my mum and family back home in Ghana when I visited and they too loved it.
We love our chicken and potato chips here in the UK, there are many restaurants out there but the well known brand is Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) an American fast food restaurant with back in the days their marketing slogan “Finger Lickin’ Good”. As King Divine Yahuah revealed KFC is operating with Him in mind so their inspiration and of recent times their improved menu newly and carefully selected range are all of a healthy option, a well balance diet for all age range from children to adult and not junky because of the fried chicken as some will put it.
Eating fried chicken with a very well balance diet is a healthy diet as King Divine Yahuah revealed, here in United Kingdom one of their best known food according to our Father is chicken, however due to strong spiritual upheaval the indigenous people are at lost with their identity and this includes their best of food.
I will encourage you to try King Divine Fried Chicken And Potatoes Rocket Salad With Bake Beans cooking recipe at home. A very healthy balance diet if you are not able to pop down to KFC restaurant or the others from time to time. Looks like another Sunday special after Church.  
Personal Experience With King Divine Yahuah
My personal experience of spells cast on me when King Divine Yahuah revealed and through ongoing experience where the culprits will not repent to stop means on and off spells when King Divine Yahuah intervene as they cast their spells back makes me eat fried chicken and rice repeatedly with no desire or remembrance to any of my favourite foods. Each time I eat the fried chicken the next day I put on weight looking all fat, I can’t fit into my cloths and my stomach grown and swollen in size. I look all shapeless. I would have found it hard to believe had it not been the actual reality as I go through real life living experience with our Father King Divine Yahuah, when He revel both in spirit and as I observed in physical the manipulation of my wight  by evil spirits some of them my neighbours where they are bold to make it obvious clear as I cook and eat their intent of causing harm through my diet where I gain and lose wight immediately all in split second, minutes, hours, days, weeks and years. True life story, very believable you might think unbelievable but this is what is going on out there. They are misusing their spiritual powers.
Nothing make sense to me anymore, I was very frustrated as to just how to live when my diet is in disarray. It got so bad with their spells as I do not give up but continue to endure. These evils cast a spell so I ended up eating chocolate most of the time where I can’t help it, I go to the shop or when I visit the supermarket the only thing I see is chocolate, like a force pushing me to buy them, I see healthy options on the side like salad, fruits or anything that will keep my diet balance but I cannot choose them, I desperately recognise I want them is about time I choose them but am unable to buy them, its like I don’t have the desire for them but I need them I will think, the force is too strong. I put on so much weight each time I eat them and my Dad will go on about checking my weight, he is worried and I am too so I get defensive, I told him its spiritual but he doesn’t believe me as am always on about it. I can’t loose the weight despite all my effort. My family in Ghana were all worried when I visited them, my half brother rang to ask if I have mange to loose some of my weight as it was a concern for all of us.
When I moved to the United Kingdom my Dad advised me to check my weight as it was hard to shred it off when you put on weight, he told me it was very easy to put on weight but not easy to loose it. Like who will me when its always the fault of evil spirits who makes you put on weight, don’t day ever stop to repent? My experience make me speechless, they have all the time and energy to always do this, very determined, my Dad finds it hard to believe as I always blame evil spirits when King Divine Yahuah reveals because I make every effort to loose it and am frustrated, I get upset. I have witness King Divine Yahuah saving me, I have come to the acceptance from Divine’s higher perspective this is all part of my Divine souled Purpose and Life Mission, the reason why I was born and as King Divine Yahuah anoints me His Spirit right now living within me we do this together, He feels my pain and suffering. Each time King Divine dismantle the spell I see changes in my weight. I go to the gym nothing happens and very interesting the pain in my ankle intensifies. It turns out these are all spiritual spell the intent is to make me put on weight and be fat as they are jealous.     
I have in the past prior to stepping into my anointment my Divine Soul Purpose and Life Mission that is when King Divine Yahuah called I always prayed to Him about my weight. There are times early morning I check my wight and its high when previous night I ate little amount of food, I wondered how strange and were times I ate out of normal supper hours deep at night 12am I wakeup and I have suddenly lost weight.
Right now today as I typed it all make sense considering my neighbours are still at it, thanks to King Divine Yahuah and my Masters who are Master Jesus, Archangel Michael, Angel Jerome, Angel Jermaine, Master Enoch, Master Elijah, Master David, Master Matthew, Master Daniel, Holy Mary and Holy Mary Magdalene the reality is what I share on this platform. Our Father want the experience to be shared, many are out there who will share my sentiment they rather die then to live. Its a huge suffering of its own, how can you possible live when you get fat each time you eat anything at all. All this while this is not what we are meant to do, dying or lean to die, death should be the last thing on our mind. King Divine Yahuah our Father wants us happy, we are here in Heaven to learn how to do this with Him survival. As one of the Pastors in a Catholic Church preached during a weekday Mass service I attended specially for children he said happiness is Holy. Spirituality with Him through prayers help. We are here to learn how to live life by enjoying live with King Divine Yahuah.
King Divine Fried Chicken And Potatoes Rocket Salad With Bake Beans
It takes about 21/2hours (Two and a half hours) to prepare, fry and cook King Divine Fried Chicken With Potatoes Rocket Salad And Bake Beans and can serve up to two people. Almost the ingredient was bought from Sainsbury’s supermarket except Tex’s Original Fried Chicken Coating I bought from a local shop in Balham, you get get it from many shops across UK including Tooting, Brixton and at times at Sainsbury’s supermarket some of their selected stores. Do not get the brand with all meats but the specifics that states Original Fried Chicken Coating, Tex’s just as the name is on the product if not you will not get the result.
100% Rapeseed Oil was used for deep frying the chicken, I turned not to use oil branded as just vegetable oil because of an advise given by my Dad which I thought was wise from a specialist you do not know which vegetable specifics the oil was produce from because of health concern when it is specific the type of vegetable the better.
I will I strongly recommend using the soft raw tender fresh chicken as use here please refer to the pictures and video and not the chicken boiler as this type is hard. Should you decide to use chicken boiler then you must cook it for long to get it soft and tender.
Ingredients & Recipe:
+ 100% Rapeseed Oil - 2 bottles of Rapeseed Oil 2 l (Liters) each for deep frying or if you are going to use a frying pan then you will only need 0.2 liters which is 200 ml (Milliliter) when using a frying pan.
+ Tex’s Original Fried Chicken Coating - 700 g (Grams) in weight only use about 120 g in wight about 4 tablespoons. There is a smaller vision on the market you can buy, the 700 g is the big size.
+ Chicken Thighs & Drumsticks - 5 pieces or 540 g (Grams) in weight. I will strongly emphasis do not use chicken boiler as this type is hard, use the soft raw tender fresh chicken.
+ Eggs - 1 single or 60 g (Gram) in weight use only the white jelly liquid part and not the yolk the yellow colour.
+ Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference VivaldI Salad Potatoes - 1 kg (Kilogram) only use 327 g (Gram) in weight which is about 7 small singles of the unboiled potatoes.
+ SO Organic Rocket Salad Baby Leaf - 60 g (Gram).
+ Tomatoes - 400 g (Gram) use 149 g in weight that is two singles.
+ Avocado - 1 single which is 178 g (Gram) in weight, consume all on the same day as the freshness goes off and looks rough quickly.
+ Cucumber - 200 g (Gram) portion only use 50 g in weight.
+ Onion - 83 g (Gram) in wight.
+ Salt - 1/2tsp (half teaspoon) only for boiling the potatoes and not for the chicken as the Tex’s Original Fried Chicken Coating seasoning already have salt.
+ Bake Beans - 415 g (Gram) in weight which is one tin.
+ Water - 250 ml (Mililiter) use only 50 ml to steam chicken and 200 ml to boil potatoes.
Frying & Cooking Equipments:
+ Weighting Scale - To measure some of your ingredients set it to grams.
+ Deep Fryer or Frying Pan - To fry your chicken.
+ Cooking spoon - To stir steam chicken.
+ Cooking Utensils or Cooking Pot - To Team the chicken and boil potato.
+ Colander - To strain water off from the potatoes after cooking.
+ Chopping Board - Use it to place some of your ingredients, for chopping ingredients such as onion, tomatoes, avocado and use it for placing the potatoes so you can peel.
+ Knife - For peeling the onion, cutting tomatoes, avocado, cucumber and for peeling potatoes.
+ Potatoes Peeler - For peeling potatoes.
+ Bowl - For washing ingredient, place your egg white in to coat your chicken and other ingredients into it.
+ Plate - To place your Tex’s Original Fried Chicken Coating seasoning to coat your chicken and for serving.
+ Salad Serving Tong - To serve your salad and potatoes.
+ Cutlery (Fork, knife, teaspoon and tablespoon) - For cooking, serve and to eat fork and knife.
+ Airtight Food Containers - For leftovers. 
+ Microwave - To microwave King Divine Fried Chicken after frying.  
Preparation Time For Frying Chicken:
Preparation time - 11/2 hours (One and a half hours)
+ Steaming chicken - 10 minutes.
+ Heat oil in a deep fryer - Preheat oil for 10 minutes at 190 degrees Celsius (190°C) be with caution.
+ Frying pan - If using frying pan preheat oil for about 5 to10 minutes at high temperature with caution.
+ Deep fry chicken - 5 to 7 minutes.
+ Microwave - 2 minutes.
Preparation Time For Boiling Potato:
+ Peeling potatoes - 5 minutes.
+ Boiling potatoes - 22 minutes on a cooker with a high maximum temperature I used 9°C and set the timings to 22 minutes.
Preparation Time For Preparing Salad:
+ Salad preparation - 10 minutes.
A.  Preparing And Frying The Chicken Step By Step Guide 
Get your scale to measure your ingredients set it to grams then set these ingredients aside.
Follow the step by step guide below:
1. Clean the onion by peeling the back and wash, then cut it into dice or squares on a chopping board, be cautious when using the knife.
2. Put the chicken in a cooking utensil and wash.
3. Add your 50ml water.
4. Add your chopped dice onions and stir with your cooking spoon.
5. Place on cooker to steamer for 10 minutes at a maximum temperature for a start in mine case 9°C, lower the temperature half way through to about 5°C with constant stir of your chicken ensuring all areas are will cooked.
6. Ensure there is no blood coming out of the chicken when the 10 minutes is up and you turn your cooker off. If there is you can put it back on the fire for about 2-3 minutes or leave the chicken in the cooking utensil very well covered for the hot vapour to steam the inside of the chicken where the inside blood change to grey to black colour.
7. Leave the chicken in the cooking utensil for about 20 minutes then remove them into a plate.
8. At this stage it will be a good idea to preheat your Rapeseed Oil in a deep fryer or frying pan.
9. Crack the egg shell and place the egg white jelly liquid into a bowl and not the yolk the yellow colour to coat the chicken individually.
10. Pour 700g of Tex’s Original Fried Chicken Coating seasoning into a plate.
11. Coat the chicken individually in the egg white jelly liquid and ensure all sides are coated, you do this by turning all sides to get the chicken all covered with the egg white. You can use your hand after washing them or a fork.
12. Put the coated chicken in egg white jelly liquid into the Tex’s Original Fried Chicken Coating seasoning plate and coat the same way as you did when coating in the egg white.
13. Place the coated chicken in a different plate when you have finished coating.
14. In an already preheated Rapeseed Oil in a deeper fryer at 10 minutes at 190 degrees Celsius (190°C), cautiously place each chicken into the oil. You can use the frying pan to deep fry if this is what you have available.
15. I used the deep fryer, deep fried chicken roughly 5 to 7 minutes. In between use the fork to pick the sides of each chicken so the heated oil can deep fry and get to the middle of the chicken to ensure they are well fried with no red blood in them.
16. When the 7 minutes is up, take the chicken out from the deep fryer and place into a plate, them put them into a microwave for about 2 minutes. Doing this ensures the inside is well fried and cooked. Place in a clean plate to serve later.
B. Cooking Potatoes Step By Step Guide
Preparation and boiling potatoes - 27 minutes.
1. Place your Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference VivaldI Salad Potatoes on a chopping board, use the potato peeler to peel the potatoes skin off or a knief with caution.
2. After peeling the skin of each potato place the whole into a cooking utensil and wash them.
3. Add 200ml of water into the potato inside the cooking utensil and half teaspoon salt, stir and boil on a cooker for about 22 minutes.
4. Check half way through with a fork by picking a few of the potato the tenderness or softness of the boiling potato. Be cautious when doing this check as the vapour from the boiling water or the boiling water can hurt your skin.
5. When the 22 minutes is up, check again with a fork before draining the water off the potato after cooking or you can use the colander to strain boiling off the water be cautious as the vapour from the boiling water can hurt your skin or the boiling water.
C. Salad Preparation Step By Step Guide
Preparation time - 10 minutes.
1. Wash the tomatoes and cucumber and place on a chopping board.
2. Cut the tomatoes into half and agin each half into four equal pieces.
3. The cucumber follow next, cut this into circular shape medium size.
4. Cut the avocado into two throw the seed away, cut each half into two and peel off the skin begin to cut each into into a semi-circular size
5. Put the SO Organic Rocket Salad Baby Leaf into a plate or a salad bowl and mix the tomatoes, cucumber and avocado.
6. Garnish in a plate for a good presentation, asked King Divine Yahuah for directions and inspirations while you do this.
Serving King Diving Yahuah Chicken And Potato Rocket Salad With Bake Beans
Place your boiled potatoes around the mix baby rocket salad, tomatoes, cucumber and avocado in a circular form or you can place them in a separate plate and the fried chicken in a plate to serve and bake beans on the side. King Divine Fried Chicken With Potato Rocket Salad And Bake Beans can be served up to two people.
Try frying without first steaming the chicken.
When you develop confidence in frying King Divine Fry Chicken you can eliminate the steaming part and just go on straight to washing the fresh chicken and dry with kitchen paper, I will strongly suggest do not use chicken boiler as this type is hard, use the soft raw tender chicken. Coat the chicken in the egg white jelly liquid after paper drying, following on from the recipe Step A, Preparation and Frying The Chicken Step By Step Guide, Step 8. Ensure at Step 10 the chicken is well fried for about 10 minutes when deep frying, with fork to pick so the oil can penetrate the centre of the chicken where there is no blood in the end.
Follow Step 16 except this time put the chicken in a microwave for about 5 minutes. When the time is up there should be some residue of stock from the chicken as the microwave will drain out any liquid that needed to come out. Continue with the recipe as usual from Step B. Cooking Potatoes Step By Step Guide.
For best result when frying King Divine Fried Chicken without steaming, I will strongly advise you use kitchen paper or towel to dry out the water from the freshly wash chicken first before you coat it in the egg white jelly liquid and then the Tex’s Original Chicken Coating seasoning, finish coating all chicken before frying them in the preheated oil. 
Also coating the fresh chicken in the egg white jelly liquid without the yolk before coating it in the Tex’s Original Chicken Coating seasoning make all the difference. You will not get the best result of tasty King Divine Fried Chicken when you do not coat it first in an egg white jelly liquid.
On the side you can have King Divine Fried Chicken with Chilli Sauce most popularly known as Shito in Ghana.
King Divine Fried Chicken And Potatoes Rocket Salad With Bake Beans should last for about 3 to 4 days kept in a refrigerator but please beware of varying temperatures it may not last up to the suggested days. Same for the Potatoes Rocket Salad and Bake Beans,  however, due to the freshness of the avocado going off so quickly and the appearance so rough, I will suggest consuming all the avocado on the same day if there are any leftovers. 
A big thank you to King Divine Yahuah and my Masters who are Master Jesus, Archangel Michael, Angel Jerome, Angel Jermaine, Master Enoch, Master Elijah, Master David, Master Matthew, Master Daniel, Holy Mary and Holy Mary Magdalene for making this publication possible.
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