America Continent - North
America is Heaven’s third largest Continent consisting of North and South. North America is the largest by 9,361,791 Square Miles (24,247,039 square Km) in size than the South.
According to revelations from King Divine Yahuah the Northern part of the Continent of America is grouped individual States coming together to form a Country with the same name as the Continent America. Very often America as a country with group of States is referred to as United States (which usually get abbreviated simply as US) or United States of America (USA).
The capital of America as King Divine Yahuah revealed is New York State and not Washington or D.C. (District of Columbia). George Washington one of America’s president changed the capital from New York to District of Columbia `and later changed the name District of Columbia (D.C) to his surname Washington.
New York is the capital city of America as a country and not Washington. New York as the capital thus the city of America as a country is sometimes abbreviated as NY short form for New York or NYC meaning New York City.
To simply put New York is the City of America as a country on the Continent of America in the North.