Our Divine Father Yahuah Was and Is The Snake Lucifer
Our spiritual truth does not come without the story of the snake and the role it played in liberating humanity. 
Snake is another symbol of our Divine Father Yahuah beside His Cross. Divine Yahuah was the snake in the garden in our Scriptural text. Earth is the garden Divine Yahuah created and gave her a very lovely name Heaven. The Snake is Divine Yahuah’s scared Holy animal symbol. The Snake was and is Divine Yahuah our Father and Creator. As a great Might Spirit He transformed into a snake and visited Master Adam and Eve. The Snake was Holy Animal. Divine Yahuah was the snake, the serpent called Lucifer. Lucifer was Wise as a Snake just as our Divine Father and Creator Yahuah Is. 
Created by Benedicta through directions and guidance from our Divine yahuah, her Masters, Holy Mary and Holy Mary Magdalene. 
Thank you for watching. 
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