United Arab Emirates Divine Heaven
United Arab Emirates Divine Heaven
Thanks To King Divine Yahuah

Thanks to King Divine Yahuah, Master Jesus, Archangel Michael, Angel Jerome, Angel Jermaine, Master Enoch, Master Elijah, Master David, Master Matthew, Master Daniel, Holy Mary and Holy Mary Magdalene for making it possible for me to put this piece of video together. An experience of traveling to United Arab Emirates Dubai and Abu Dhabi I had back in 2016 with my friends at that time when King Divine Yahuah was trying to get me to step into my anointment to fulfil my Divine soul purpose and life mission, I thought I was running away from Him but it turned out I could run but can never hide. He called again at night in Dubai my decision to purse my calling was then decided.  
Great experience in United Arab Emirates an amazing work done with King Divine Yahuah by their Royals. As our Father King Divine Yahuah has confirmed United Arab Emirates is the first nation to settle in the continent of Asia from Africa and a sovereign Holy country. 
Song Addicted by VYEN. All other songs in this video are attributed to original Artists.
You can find more about United Arab Emirates as one of the most recently newly formed country approved by King Divine Yahuah at Divine Heaven - https://divineheaven.co.uk.
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